Green Screen Wizard – Software That Divides the Ordinary From the Extraordinary

Picture being able to amaze your loved ones, friends and neighbors, or, better yet, your clients, with eye-popping photos from around the world. What about being able to transform an ordinary image into something beyond your wildest imagination? You can do all this and more by using Green Screen Wizard software. Your clients, family, friends and neighbors will see your photography in a new and exciting light.

You no longer have to settle for just any old boring background. By using Green Screen Wizard software, you can add virtually any background to your photos. You will have the freedom to arrange your model in any pose in front of the green screen, then by using the amazing Green Screen Wizard Software, transpose them onto any background of your choice.

Take any photo that has been taken against the green screen backdrop and add any background with Green Screen Wizard software. There is no doubt that the image quality resulting from combining photos using this software will excite and impress you.

The process is so well developed that whether you are a new photographer, unfamiliar with photo editing software, or a seasoned pro, you will be able to produce professional photos with Green Screen Wizard software.

Artistic photos, speed, and productivity are important in the photography business. You can add all three with one software acquisition and get an edge on your competition while saving time and money in the bargain.

Green screen technology is not new to photography. It has been used for years on TV, especially in live weather broadcasts. While doing the weather forecast, the meteorologist stands in front of a solid green (or blue) surface. While she delivers the weather, it appears that there is a weather map right behind her. But that weather map is actually on a computer somewhere else in the studio.

This technique has been copied by photo editors for years. Using advanced photo editing software like Photoshop, the editor uses the software tools to extract the model from the photo and place her into a totally different scene. It appears the the model is actually at the location of the background if the process is done well. It is such a desirable technique that photo editors get paid very well if they are good at it.

But the times have changed! Green Screen Wizard software makes this amazing ability simple, easy, and available to you with just a couple clicks of your mouse.

Just set up your green backdrop and take your shot. The next step in the transformation is to download your dull green background photo to your computer and use Green Screen Wizard software to magically take your subject and add her to a beautiful or exciting background.

You can use a variety of subjects, not just individuals. You can diversify your business to include product shots. There really is no limit.

Create exciting photos involving pets, grandparents, babies, brides, just about anything. Once you have your Green Screen Wizard software installed on your computer, the only other requirement is to make sure you use a solid green background when taking your images.

As mentioned earlier, this complicated process has been done for years by photo editing experts, but the dedicated Green Screen Wizard software makes it possible for anyone to employ the process.

There is a very easy learning curve involved, so even a new photographer with limited photo editing skills can master it with zero stress. If you have done any photo editing at all, you can do this. No, that is not true… no experience is needed. Using the simple instructions, it really is just a simple click and drag to take your photo and transfer it to the background photo.

So simple… so easy… Finally, if you are still hesitant about the software, the folks at Green Screen Wizard software have added a free demo version so you can try it out before buying.

Get a FREE demo of Green Screen Wizard Software – It REALLY Rocks! It is truly the leader in green screen software.