How To Convert Midi Songs To Karaoke Songs

Many of us want to sing karaoke songs. We want the lyrics of our favorite songs to appear on the screen. But creating karaoke is a tedious work to do and time consuming. So the best way to create karaoke songs is to convert midi songs to karaoke songs. Below are the steps in converting midi songs to karaoke songs.

1.) Install karakan application on your computer. This will be the software we will use in converting midi songs to karaoke songs. Once installed, you are ready to start converting midi to karaoke songs. To download karakan software, just google the keywords karakan download and a list of sites that offer free download for this application will be displayed.

2.) Open karakan application either from desktop short cut or from Start menu.

3.) Click New button or Select File->New. Select Midi File window will appear. Select the midi song you want to convert and click Open button. Select Voice track window will appear. Voice track is the track containing the vocal melody. After selecting your preferred track, click Ok button. Karaoke Editor window is open now and you are ready to plot the lyrics.

4.) Change the word “title” to the Title of the songs and “artist” to the artist of the song. If you have the copyright, then change “copyright” to the copyright of the karaoke songs production.

5.) Plot the lyrics below the title, artist or copyright. For step by step details on editing the lyrics like prolonging the words, you can view the karakan documentation by click Help button. It is short but concise. Click File menu then select Save as. Enter the name of the song and save to your desired folder.

6.) Select Karaoke from the main menu. Select Make. The converted karaoke file will be automatically saved on your desired folder.

Thats all. But if you want the easy way, you can find a lot of free karaoke download on the web. Just google it out.