How to uninstall Graboid Video completely from your PC

Many people failed to manually uninstall Graboid Video that was foisted on him by Qwest, his internet provider. Because it is about a whole group of program files but not just a simple program. So, you would have a distinct feeling that you need to select a whole list to delete but just did not know where to start. The following page is how to completely uninstall Graboid Video.

First, please make sure that all the following applications are not running on your computer when you begin to uninstall Graboid Video. Then, use the Add or Remove Programs on the control panel or extend the Start menu to remove Graboid Video.

1. Go to -Start- and then click on -Control Panel-. 2. Double click -Add/Remove Programs-. 3. Locate Graboid Video and then click -Remove- to begin the removal. 4. Follow the on-screen steps to finish.

Second, find out the directory of the Graboid Video in the drive C as below listed and forcibly uninstall them with a software removal tool: C:Program FilesGraboid Video

Last, check over the registry information of Graboid Video as below listed: HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftGraboid Video

On the whole, the utility of Add or Remove Programs actually can just remove half of the entries of the Graboid Video. It means when you finish the removal on the control panel, its left over entries would be still right there in your program files of drive C. At this point, a proper and efficient software removal tool plays the most important role in the whole uninstall process.

With a specialized software uninstaller, you can easily uninstall Graboid Video without going through additional and risky processes. Even though the Graboid Video is corrupted and not displayed in the list, you can also thoroughly uninstall it with the -Mighty Uninstall- function- the most powerful uninstall function. For more detailed information, you can directly go to Uninstall Graboid Video.