Mike Tompkins, YouTube Sensation

Recently, Mike Tompkins, the YouTube sensation, helped The Today Show cast to create a viral music video, and it was an amazing experience for all concerned. Tompkins is masterful in the creation of viral videos, and his music videos use his voice. Tompkins’ YouTube video of -Teenage Dream-, originally released by Katy Perry, has had more than five million views on YouTube.

On The Today Show, Tompkins used repeated themes to help the cast to sing in unison, and then create their very own music style. His own YouTube channel has great hits like -Fireflies- from Owl City, and -Misery-, by Maroon 5.

The cast of The Today Show made a video in the style of the Brady Bunch introduction. While he helped them, Tompkins’ video secret was inadvertantly revealed. It is lending his own voice in creating the back-beats for the video, while still using simple recording equipment that could be in your home studio.

There are other viral videos that have followed a similar formula. Pomplamoose, a duo in California, covers songs and makes very simple videos that they post on YouTube. Many of their videos have more than five million hits. They have led even to media appearances and live gigs.

Pomplamoose, like Tompkins, uses popular songs and makes them into homemade music videos, using readily-found editing and recording equipment. The videos take a long time to make, and much of each artist’s work is spent in featuring each one’s unique music styles. Pomplamoose has been using their YouTube fame to get income from their music. They call their music -indie rock- and they have almost 200,000 subscribers at YouTube.

No one knows whether Tompkins was himself inspired by Pomplamoose. That duo has been making their music for about two years, and Tompkins has only had music on YouTube for about a year. Each artist uses different ways to make successful videos.

Pomplamoose uses instruments as well as vocals, whereas Tompkins uses his vocal skills to make his own vocal backup. Both artists are very popular, and have taken YouTube’s platform to its extreme, since they self-broadcast and are very widely noticed.

If Mike Tompkins decides to follow other acapella acts like Bobby McFerrin, he would probably get more exposure in the media, and maybe even release an album. He comes across as quite funny, so he could even be a singing comedian. The most enjoyable part of his appearance on The Today Show was his innate ability to help the cast sound like they have good voices, when in fact, they really don’t sing all that well.

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