Access Database Error After Jetcomp.exe Fails

The inbuilt repair utilities Compact utility and Compact Database method in MS Access allow you to perform Access Database Repair in many cases. The Jet compact utility (JETCOMP.exe) is one such recovery utility, which compacts the databases created with Microsoft Jet database engine 3.x and 4.x. This stand-alone utility can recover more databases in comparison to MS Access Compact utility and the Compact Database method because it does not attempt to open or close the Access database before compacting. In case, this utility fails to perform access repair, then the user needs to use effective Access Recovery software.

As a practical example, when a user uses Jetcomp.exe to compact an Access database, he encounters the below error message:

Records can’t be read, no read permissions on MyDatabase.

Where MyDatabase is the Database Name

The main reason for the above error is that the Access database has been corrupted.
In such circumstances, the user can either create a new Access database or perform complete Access Repair by using a third party application named Access Recovery software. Access Recovery application is a high end application, which incorporates advanced scanning algorithms to provide complete access database repair. It provides an interactive user interface, which makes this repair software easily understandable without any prior technical knowledge.

Stellar Information Systems Ltd. provides the best Access Recovery software named Stellar Phoenix Access Recovery. This Access recovery software recovers and Repair Access database objects, such as, views, tables, forms, queries, macros etc. It recovers the relations between the tables. It also recovers the name of the tables. This Access Repair software supports Access 2007, 2003, XP (2002) and 2000. It supports Windows Vista, XP, 2003, 2000, NT, Me and 9x. The demo version of this Access Recovery software is available on Stellars website, which allows the user to preview the lost database components.