Stop 0000000c5 Error Message In Windows Xp

STOP error message is generally a 8-digit hexadecimal number which occurs when a Windows NT- based system encounters a serious problem related to any hardware or software issues. The STOP error message makes the system unbootable and the hard drive data becomes inaccessible. In such situations, you can use a recent and valid backup to restore your lost data. However, if there is no backup or it is incomplete, then you need to use a powerful windows data recovery software for complete retrieval of your lost data.

Take a practical example- you have installed NEROv6.3.1.17 in your Windows XP based computer, and during its use or just after the process, you get the below error message:

Stop Error: 0*000000C5 (parameter1, Parameter2,
Parameter3, Parameter4)

Beginning Dump of Physical Memory!

The above STOP error message restricts the system to boot and also causes the inaccessibility of hard drive data. Additionally, you encounter the same error message, each time you try to boot your system.

Reason of this behavior:

Following are the causes of the above error message:

Corruption of system pool.

Damaged device drivers.

How to solve this issue?

This issue can be rectified in following manner:

Try to uninstall NERO v6.3.1.17 from your computer system.

Use the latest service pack of Windows XP operating system.

Re-install Windows XP operating system.

When you perform a clean re-install of the Windows XP operating system, all the previously stored data in the hard disk gets deleted. So before re-installing your operating system, make sure that you have a complete and updated backup for your data. However, in case of unavailability of backup, you will need to use an effective Windows Data Recovery Software for complete recovery of your lost data. These tools employ highly advanced scanning algorithms to recover your data quickly and safely. These Windows Data Recovery applications possess intuitive user interface making them user-friendly so that anyone can use it without having any prior technical knowledge.

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