What Is New In Joomla 3.2

For starters, Joomla is a popularly used CMS (content management system). With the latest version of Joomla 3.2, there are many features available for the users. With Joomla new features, the platform has become faster, simpler and secured.

Version Control And Improved UI
The interface is more streamlined than the previous version as it allows admin to access various backend areas faster at the same time, keeping the key information in their dashboard for use.

Were you more comfortable with the previous version of a page? Joomla 3.2 provides version control that helps to restore the previous versions of the pages and articles. It allows comparing the content with varying dates so that the users can review the changes in the content. The admin can also revert back to the old version, with the help of version control.

Extension Search Simplified
One of the disadvantages of previous versions was the extensions searching. Admin has to follow separate steps to find and download the extensions to the desktop. Then he has to login to install it. Now, the user can do the searching and installing directing from the admin view, easily.

Rapid Application Development
With this RAD, the developers can create their own extensions and enjoy custom Joomla. The users can also seek the help of a Joomla website development company to create extensions, as per their needs.

Other Upgrades
Beyond all these new features and solutions, the new version of Joomla has few more enhancements. The developments are:
1.Advanced template manager
2.Multilingual site installer
3.Advanced WYSIWYG editor
4.HTML form fields
5.Micro data semantics library
6.AJAX interface

There are more than 600 improvements in Joomla 3.2 and debugs for many problems that were reported in the previous versions. One can check online for release notes to know about the micro and macro improvements provided in the new version or on the other hand, they can directly download and check it. Almost 7100 extensions are developed for Joomla till date with more than 2.8 million forum posts about Joomla. Nearly 3% of websites on the internet is working on Joomla. Any business, small or large will need Joomla to create an effective web portal. The transition from one version to another or entry to Joomla is made easier with live demo, tutorial videos and documentations. There are reports that show that Joomla is downloaded more than 45 million times as small business to large corporations like eBay, General Electric, Mc Donald’s, Sony and many others are using Joomla as a platform for their online portal. In addition to using Joomla to manage websites, it is also used for managing blogs, intranets and mobile applications.

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