Mediatek MT8389 VS Allwinner A31S, which is the best

Mediatek MT8389 is recently popular tablet pc support phone call,now there are lots of 7.9 inch Narrow Bezel design tablet carry this platform. Born earlier Allwinner A31s has been widely used, in the same size products are easily visible.Today why make a contrast with these two CPUs, main because they have so many similarities, except the Mediatek platform original support the phone call, these two processors are close to with some key parameters,all use not high frequency quad core Cortex A7 frame, GPU graphics core all the powerVR SGX544 series, related products all configure 1GB RAM. Then,about the funtion aspect,The emergence of new MT8389 with pop for Allwinner A31s exactly what does tall what is low, is worth to discuss.


Simple contrast, MT8389 process technology is more advanced, frequency is higher than 0.2 GHz, the memory configuration about the same, choose different types of memory will be some influence to power consumption. Worth mentioning is that although both GPU are SGX544 series, but the former is mononuclear four lines, the latter is a dual-core eight pipeline. Available data show that the former GPU frequency may be slightly higher, as for the actual effect remains to be compared.

Among the famous GLBenchmark the latest version of the test, the scores are also A31s more dominant, graphics performance, using MP2 dual-core GPU volunteer in all four nuclear have more advantages.

Fluency and speed:

Contrast is used in the two models are running relatively new Android 4.2.2 system, the comparison of simple desktop sliding frame rate, there is almost no significant difference, with 60 hz or so because of the close proximity to the screen refresh rate. But the actual flow characteristics of the two are not the same, A31s switch interface reaction is quite fast, but better not MT8389, the smoothness of the transition animation, I think the latter give people feel more comfortable. Overall, the two schemes to XGA resolution are not much pressure and flow basic is relatively satisfactory. By the way, although the conventional collocation 1 gb of memory, but MT8389 available space more comfortable, more than 600 MB, and A31s products tend to only around 500 MB.


Stability needs long time use to feel out, just two or three days with down, personal feel both are relatively stable, but is still MT8389 than slightly better. Although this is a new plan soon, but when compared to optimize the whole quad-core, do not fall in the wind. Instead is A31s compared with opportunities to a crash phenomenon, and a connection to the computer transfer files suddenly disconnect it himself.

Switch machine time: Both schemes support quick start function, MT8389 products in this mode boot just 5 seconds, A31s models for 7 seconds. The quick start mode, the former boot 31 seconds, the latter 26 seconds. Shutdown latency, MT8389 slightly slow for a second. Considering the switch machine at the same time also can have differences in different models. Therefore, this comparison will see relinquishment, both difference is not big?

Software compatibility and running effect: Under the same architecture of two schemes almost couldn’t find any difference in compatibility, the running effect is also in equal. About speed, has been mentioned before, there are subtle differences, but not in comparison with two machines, basic it is hard to find.

Heating situations: Affect the heat more than the chip itself, but also related to the internal structure design, so the contrast is just a preliminary to reference. Of course, single chip itself, should be dominant process more leading MT8389, actual performance is not necessarily so. Contrast the two products are used after use a metal shell, watch the same video online for half an hour later, the back cover are maintained at the levels of 35 ~ 36 degrees, not hot. Instead, some positive temperature difference, MT8389 models positive up to 40 degrees, highest A31s models about 38 degrees, not much difference. But you can see that the fever is not smaller, mediatek scheme both fever is not high, so to speak. Of course this is only a specific to the measured differences of two models, with different model performance also will be floating?

Contrast conclusion: In some other details, as with the variable of solutions different models lead to differences, such as WiFi signal intensity, touch screen sensitivity, ceases to compare the effects, etc. Overall, MT8389 fluency and stability performance, web browsing effect is obviously better, faster than A31s there are also some small advantages (embodied in the program loading delay, multiple task switching speed, etc). And Allwinner perform better in the video decoding, online video broadcast, games, performance, etc. Thought of Mediatek MT8389 scheme in terms of power consumption and fever should have an advantage, but found no such result in contrast, the fever is not big, A31s even lower power consumption. Of course, there’s still too early to tell, after all, the only consider the selected test data to compare the two models

Except the contrast of these mentioned above, Mediatek MT8389 advantage is more obvious in sensor, package have practical bluetooth, GPS navigation, integration, and support the 3 g communication network and A31s to realize these functions also need peripheral chips, the corresponding increase my cost. Today, call tablet has become a new direction of development, Mediatek obviously more strength in this area.