Linksys Wrt120n Router Set Up And Troubleshooting Steps

Cisco is marketing the Linksys WRT120N router as a “Wireless-N” router. But if you go through reviews on other websites it is not Draft 802.11n Certified. It supports only a maximum 150 Mbps Link Rate (actually 65 Mbps with out-of-the-box defaults).

You will also find many customer reviews about this Linksys WRT120N router. They are facing lot of problems with the performance of this router. Wireless connectivity is not so good.

I will suggest you to first upgrade the Firmware of this router. Firmware is the software of the router. Download the Firmware from Linksys website and upgrade it for the better output from this router.

After upgrading the Firmware, reset the router to factory default settings. There is a small reset button on the back side of the router. Press it and hold it down for 10 to 15 seconds till the power light starts flashing. Release the reset and wait till the power light becomes solid. Now try to reconfigure the router from the beginning. If you have the CD of WRT120N router then run the CD to setup the router.

How to setup Linksys WRT120N router without CD or any software:

To setup the router manually, you will need to open the setup page of the router. Change the internet connection type according to the Internet service provider. In case of Cable ISP, Mac address of the main computer is used for the authentication. For the DSL connection, user name and password is given to the customer.

Once you have your main computer on line through the router then setup a wireless connection. Change the name of the wireless network (SSID). Create a new network name that you have never used before. Change the wireless security settings. Avoid WEP security because that will reduce the wireless speed and also WEP security can be cracked easily. For better wireless connection, try to use WPA or WPA2 security. Change the wireless channel to 9 or 11.

Now you have your wireless network setup. You can try to connect to the wireless network. On your wireless computer, try to search for the wireless network. Select your network and connect to it. It will ask you for the password. Enter the password and it will connect you to the wireless network.

If you are planning to connect the X-box or Play station to the wireless network then reduce the MTU size on the router to 1365. Also open the ports for the X-box or Play station.

As per customer reviews, you will not get the performance of N routers from Linksys WRT120N. But it will be better than G routers if the Firmware is upgraded.