Remote employee monitoring to ease your tension

Today -work from home’ is a growing trend, beneficial both from employees’ and employers’ point of view. Employers save on cost while for employees it is convenient as they don’t have to travel to work every day. However, it is important to keep track of the performance and activities of the employee. With remote employee monitoring tool you can check the number of hours they are working and monitor their work as well. Download the software and install a link in your workers’ computer. That will give you the option to check on their daily work progress and thus managing teleworkers becomes easy. This tool is designed exclusively for managers wanting to supervise productivity of workers located at out-of-office places.

Software for remote employee monitoring is useful for tracking the exact working hours as payment is often dependent on number of hours spent on the job. Even if you are travelling you can hook onto the server and download the reports for reviewing. When you allow your employees to work from home, you save on costs like maintaining a large office space, electricity and rent. Also you have the freedom to hire freelancers on contractual rate that is worked out on a per hour basis. Remotely managing teleworkers allows you to check the total working time they are putting in and how regular they are in their work. The software can send you screenshots of what they are working on.

When managing teleworkers who are remotely located it is equally important to determine quality and productivity of their work. With the help of this remote employee monitoring you can examine which application they are using and the average time spent on each application. If the job is web oriented, websites visited and time spent on each can be recorded for your review. The tool can also measure the amount of text that has been created if the job is content related.

Downloading the remote employee managing software is very simple and it is supported by all basic operating systems. After downloading create your profile and add the remote workers’ details like name and mail id. A link would then be sent to the employees who have to install the Remote Boss agent in their computers. You will receive reports daily, weekly or monthly by e-mail as per your convenience. In short, the software acts like your eyes and ears. Managing teleworkers is done in real time when both are online giving you the benefit of reviewing and rectifying a work if necessary.

Once you register and use remote employee monitoring software, all the activities can be customized for each employee like when a screenshot is to be captured or when use of an application is to be recorded. Even when the employee is working offline, data would be stored and sent to the server the moment he or she logs in. The agency providing the software will arrange for dedicated server to save all reports. Software for managing teleworkers provides excellent tools for communicating with team members through chat or through recorded visual images. Since this is not a spyware, remote managing and monitoring of employees is convenient and agreeable with all making work less difficult.

Remote employee monitoring is now as easy as playing games on the computer. Download the necessary software to enjoy the benefits of remotely managing teleworkers.